Difference Between Refurbished and Renewed Computers: Beginner’s Guide

Are you looking to buy a computer but find yourself confused about whether you should get a refurbished or renewed one? 

A refurbished product and a renewed product are almost the same since they have both been returned to the seller to be checked, restored, and assured that they are working. 

Well, a new computer is, of course, in the best condition – you get it in unused condition with full guarantee and backing, all the fresh parts and embellishments, and so forth.

But you pay the most for it too. Additionally, new computers are free from faults either; hence, many units wind up being sold after being reconditioned. 

By buying a refurbished or renewed computer, you can save up a huge chunk of money. If something goes wrong with the computers, the seller will take it back and either fix it or supplant it.

Most of the time, these computers are internally new too. So, they’re not very different from the new or original versions.

To help you resolve all your doubts, we have discussed the difference between refurbished and renewed computers. Have a look!

What Does Refurbished Computer mean? 

When you buy a computer and face technical issues within a week or two, you return it. What happens then? Well, the seller rebuilds the computer. It’s then resold as a refurbished computer at costs lower than those of new PCs.

So basically, if you see a computer termed as refurbished, that means:

  • The computer was sent back by a customer, and the seller can’t sell it as a new product.
  • It failed to meet the quality tests, and so the seller modified it. 

Refurbished items indeed appear to be dubious; however, reliable merchants like Amazon and Secondhand Kart sell just those computers which have been properly restored by manufacturers.

They take their items through a thorough quality check to guarantee the working consistency of the computer. Additionally, they give you huge guarantees, so you don’t need to stress about whether the products are reliable.

Learn more about a refurbished computer here.

What does Renewed Computers mean?

When a customer uses a computer for a week or two but doesn’t like it, it’s very likely that he or she would return it. The store sells these returned products after checking the quality, repacking it, and offering warranties for the product.

Essentially, renewed computers generally come from dropped and returned orders by customers. They show little to no sign of wear and tear and remain in almost new condition.

So, renewed computers are expertly reviewed and checked and seem as good as new.

What is the difference between refurbished and renewed computers?

Refurbished and renewed computers are fundamentally equivalent. The seller takes a computer that has been returned and fixes or supplants any part that is absent or harmed. They test it so it performs like what it should and afterward, is repackaged either in the case it came in or a nonexclusive box.

Although refurbished and renewed computers are almost the same, however, there are some differences between them. A refurbished computer is built from PCs returned to the seller due to some technical fault in it.

But a renewed computer isn’t built by computers returned to the seller due to any faults, it is generally sent back due to customers’ change of choice. 

What should you look for before buying a refurbished or renewed computer?

When purchasing refurbished and renewed computers, it’s particularly essential to do some research – both on the computer itself and the seller. Both renewed and refurbished computers are used products, so before buying one, you have to check a few things. Read ahead to know more.

1. Warranty

Discover how long the warranty on your computer is before you purchase, so you realize how long you need to return it if there’s an issue. Avoid items recorded “with no warranties,” which are truly used as opposed to refurbished or renewed.

Ideally, the period of warranty that these computers have coverage ought to be equivalent to the new models, but that is generally not the case.

Even though most modified and repaired things accompany a warranty, some are secured for just 1 to 3 months – and some do exclude warranty inclusion at all except if you pay for it.

2. Price

Before purchasing a refurbished or renewed computer, discover how much a similar item would cost if bought new. Compare the market and see what matches your budget.

If the distinction between new and refurbished or renewed one is just a couple of dollars, the refurbished computer isn’t a great deal. If you are buying a refurbished or renewed computer, make sure you save a minimum of 100 to 200 dollars

Check the model number to ensure the new item you’re contrasting is similar to the refurbished one.

3. Trusted Seller

Generally, a seller modifies the refurbished or renewed computers, so buying one from a reliable seller is significant to ensure a quality purchase. Before choosing one always ask the seller detailed questions so that if the product is misrepresented, you can return the product easily.

Besides, always buy from renowned, reliable, and well-rated sellers since they have better return and refund policies. 

4. Review of the product

Peruse online reviews of the computer to find out about its strong and weak points. Read the reviews thoroughly to ensure it has all the features you need. As you read through, make a list of the issues different customers have had with the item.

That way, when your computer shows up, you can test it to check whether it has any similar issues. Do this immediately, so you can return it within the guarantee time frame if there’s any problem with the product. 


To sum up, if you are in the market to get a refurbished or a renewed computer, you’ve taken a wise step as you are likely to get a good quality product at a relatively lower price point.

We hope, after reading this article, you have a better understanding of the difference between refurbished and renewable computers.

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